172 Cup

172-cupVery few superminis could boast an engine as powerful as the 172 bhp unit that lurked beneath the bonnet of the clasmaster Clio Renaulsport 172 Cup.

But it wasn’t power alone that thrusted this car so far ahead of its would-be rivals. The Clio Renaultsport 172 Cup was based on the wonderfully simple idea of shoehorning an extremely powerful engine into an all-muscle no-fat chassis to deliver a uniquely exhilerating drive.

Now, here’s another brilliant concept. Take that same car and pare the specification right back to produce dramatic savings in both weight and cost. Give it a wider track and even lower suspension.

172-cup-gridDo that and what have you got? The no-frills, all-thrills Clio Renaultsport 172 Cup.

The Clio Renaultsport 172 Cup offered Clio performance in its purest form. It served up stunning acceleration, colossal grip and inspired handling. As Autocar magazine said: “Britain’s new GTi champ.”