v6The Clio Renaultsport V6 255 is a Clio with attitude.

The huge extended wheel arches designed to house 18-inch alloy wheels shod with high performance Michelin tyres developed specifically for the car, show this car means business.

At the rear, the wide bodywork and side air intakes are there for a very good reason. The rear seats have been disposed of to put the engine where you find it in all Formula One cars – in the middle.

The only mid-engined hot-hatch in the world, it has an engine that embodies everything Renault has learned in the field of competition. The engine may be hidden, but there are plenty of clues to its potential in the car’s looks and stance. Twin chrome-finished exhaust pipes, generous air-vents at the front and sides and the rear bumper’s lower section, designed to ventilate that potent power unit, speak volumes about the V6’s power.

v6-gridThat power is generated from the mid-mounted 3-litre 24-valve V6 engine, delivering 255hp at 7150 rpm and with 300 Nm of torque at just 4650 rpm.

The sound of that engine has to be heard to be believed. Only inches from the two cabin occupants, it makes a throaty growl on tickover turn into a spinetingling scream at 7,000 rpm. Yet slot it into sixth-gear on the motorway and the engine becomes instantly quieter.

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