225 Trophy

225-trophyFacing new challenges, the Trophy introduced the Cup chassis.


  • Independent Pivot front suspension
  • Uprated front and rear spring rates (25% front, 77% rear)
  • Front and rear damper rates re-tuned

The chassis was developed entirely for the pleasure of driving and benefits from unique components and settings. Improved body support results in lower roll angles, less pitching during acceleration and also less nosedive under braking. Cornering potential and overall road handling on all types of surface has also been improved thanks to revised front suspension set-up with greater turn authority and significantly reduced understeer.

225-trophy-gridAnother boon for the car, particularly for track day drivers, is that the Trophy’s electronic stability programme (ESP) system can now be switched off completely above 35mph. Although the system will still intervene should the car veer off line under heavy braking, its intervention threshold has been set higher and its operation made less intrusive. Apart from the technical changes, the Trophy was identified by its then unique colour of Nimbus and anthracite alloy wheels and added climate control.

Inside the Trophy featured new sports front seats with part-leather trim and blue weave cloth, plus blue seatbelts and stitching on the gearknob, gaiter and steering wheel. Carbon fibre inserts appeared in the centre console and door handle surrounds while a numbered plaque featured in the lower part of the dashboard to emphasise the car’s exclusivity.